Buckling of spherical shells

Buckling of elastic structures is a versatile way of producing fluid motion

(Movie by M.Mokbel)
I am interested in the controlled use of hollow shells to generate small-scale flows for applications such as mixing, or the propulsion and control of immersed microrobots. The key-mechanism is the buckling trigerred by an acoustic wave.

Blood flows

Blood microcirculation exhibits complex flow patterns

The complex dynamics of red blood cells leads to non-linear laws to describe the additional dissipation they generate and the way they split at the level of bifurcations. I am interested in understanding the fundamental mechanisms leading to their organization within the flow, and to the consequences at the level of the network.

Macroscopic Wigner crystals

A model system of interacting particles

My PhD project ! Charged millimetric beads were confined in different geometries to address several problems of constrained diffusion and crystal organization.