Gwennou Coupier
Grenoble, France

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Quelques globules en promenade

Nage de coques élastiques creuses / Swimming of hollow shells

2017 : • Buckling instability causes inertial thrust for spherical swimmers at all scales
A. Djellouli, P. Marmottant, H. Djeridi, C. Quilliet, and G. Coupier
Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 224501 (2017). See pdf
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Vésicules et globules rouges / Vesicles and red blood cells

2017 : • Blood flow and microgravity
L. Bureau, G. Coupier, F. Dubois, A. Duperray, A. Farutin, C. Minetti, C. Misbah, T. Podgorski, D. Tsvirkun, and M. Vysokikh
C. R. Mecanique 345, 78-85 (2017). See pdf
2016 : • Cluster of red blood cells in microcapillary flow: hydrodynamic versus macromolecule induced interaction
V. Claveria, O. Aouane, M. Thiébaud, M. Abkarian, G. Coupier, C. Misbah, T. John, and C. Wagner
Soft Matter 12, 8235-8245 (2016). See pdf
• Inversion of hematocrit partition at microfluidic bifurcations
Z. Shen, G. Coupier, B. Kaoui, B. Polack, J. Harting, C. Misbah, and T. Podgorski
Microvasc. Research 105, 40-46 (2016). See pdf
2014 : • Fully automated digital holographic processing for monitoring the dynamics of a vesicle suspension under shear flow
C. Minetti, T. Podgorski, G. Coupier, and F. Dubois
Biomed. Opt. Expr. 5, 1554-1568 (2014). See pdf
• The plasma protein fibrinogen stabilizes clusters of red blood cells in microcapillary flows
M. Brust, O. Aouane, M. Thiébaud, D. Flormann, C. Verdier, L. Kaestner, M. W. Laschke, H. Selmi, A. Benyoussef, T. Podgorski, G. Coupier, C. Misbah and C. Wagner
Sci. Rep. 4, 4348 (2014). See pdf
• Pairwise hydrodynamic interactions and diffusion in a vesicle suspension
P.-Y. Gires, A. Srivastav, C. Misbah, T. Podgorski and G. Coupier
Phys. Fluids 26, 013304 (2014). See pdf
2013 : • Lift and down-gradient shear-induced diffusion in red blood cell suspensions
X. Grandchamp, G. Coupier, A. Srivastav, C. Minetti and T. Podgorski
Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 108101 (2013). See pdf
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2012 : • Shape diagram of vesicles in Poiseuille flow
G. Coupier, A. Farutin, C. Minetti, T. Podgorski and C. Misbah
Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 178106 (2012). See pdf + supplemental material
• Efficiency of size-dependent particle separation by pinched flow fractionation
A. Srivastav, T. Podgorski and G. Coupier
Microfluid. Nanofluid. 13, 697 (2012). See pdf
2011 : • Spheres in the vicinity of a bifurcation: elucidating the Zweifach-Fung effect
V. Doyeux, T. Podgorski, S. Peponas, M. Ismail and G. Coupier
J. Fluid Mech. 674, 359 (2011). See pdf
• Dynamics of vesicle suspensions in shear flow between walls
T. Podgorski, N. Callens, C. Minetti, G. Coupier, F. Dubois and C. Misbah
Microgravity Sci. Technol. 23, 263 (2011). See pdf
2009 : • Lateral migration of vesicles in microchannels: effects of walls and shear gradient
B. Kaoui, G. Coupier, C. Misbah and T. Podgorski
La Houille Blanche 5, 112 (2009). See pdf
• Tumbling of viscous vesicles in a linear shear field near a wall
V. Vitkova, G. Coupier, M.-A. Mader, B. Kaoui, C. Misbah and T. Podgorski
J. Optoelectron. Adv. M. 11, 1218 (2009). See pdf
2008 : • Non-inertial lateral migration of vesicles in bounded Poiseuille flow
G. Coupier, B. Kaoui, T. Podgorski and C. Misbah
Phys. Fluids 20, 111702 (2008). See pdf
• Fast measurements of concentration profiles inside deformable objects in microflows with reduced spatial coherence digital holography
C. Minetti, N. Callens, G. Coupier, T. Podgorski and F. Dubois
Applied Optics 47, 5305 (2008). See pdf
• Hydrodynamic lift of vesicles under shear flow in microgravity
N. Callens, C. Minetti, G. Coupier, M.-A. Mader, F. Dubois, C. Misbah and T. Podgorski
Europhys. Lett. 83, 24002 (2008). See pdf

Cristaux de Wigner / Wigner crystals

2010 : • Comment on "Elastic constants from microscopic strain fluctuations"
G. Coupier, C. Guthmann, and M. Saint Jean
Phys. Rev. E 81, 013101 (2010). See pdf
2007 : • Enhancement of mobilities in a pinned multidomain crystal
G. Coupier, M. Saint Jean, and C. Guthmann
Phys. Rev. B 75, 224103 (2007). See pdf
• Single File Diffusion enhancement in a fluctuating modulated quasi-1D channel
G. Coupier, M. Saint Jean, and C. Guthmann
Europhys. Lett. 77, 60001 (2007). See pdf
2006 : • Single file diffusion in macroscopic Wigner rings
G. Coupier, M. Saint Jean, and C. Guthmann
Phys. Rev. E 73, 031112 (2006). See pdf
• Determination of the interactions in confined macroscopic Wigner islands: theory and experiments
P. Galatola, G. Coupier, M. Saint Jean, J.-B. Fournier, and C. Guthmann
Eur. Phys. J. B 50, 549 (2006). See pdf
2005 : • Local symmetries and order-disorder transitions in small macroscopic Wigner islands
G. Coupier, C. Guthmann, Y. Noat, and M. Saint Jean
Phys. Rev. E 71, 046105 (2005). See pdf
2004 : • Relaxation and ordering processes in "macroscopic Wigner crystals"
M. Saint Jean, C. Guthmann and G. Coupier
Eur. Phys. J. B 39, 61-68 (2004). See pdf

Thèse "Élasticité et ancrage dans des cristaux de Wigner macroscopiques : un système modèle pour l'étude du piégeage faible", défendue le 04 octobre 2006 au laboratoire Matière et Systèmes Complexes. Directeur : Michel Saint Jean.